About Miles Van de Wetering

I am currently a computer science student at Oregon State University. Although I am only in my third year of studying here, I have worked for a variety of professors at the university. My first (and incedentally one of my current) employer is Eric Walkingshaw. I worked with him way back in the day on his thesis. Now, I'm working with him to develop my own honors thesis, a plugin for eclipse featuring projectional editing of variation in Java. I'm also a tutor for Tandew LLC.

I also work for the Center for Applied Systems and Software as a student developer. I'm pushing on my second year working for them and I've enjoyed the experience quite a bit - real software engineering with experienced industry professionals. Before that I worked in bioinformatics for Pankaj Jaiswal and in environmental modeling for John Bolte.

If you would like to see a code sample, my selection is still fairly scarce. Sadly, this is the case because much of my work for the last few years has been performed under a variety of NDA's and other copyright arrangements which preclude me from sharing my code with the world wide web. However, "A Better Python Lex-Yacc" should provide a good, if brief example. Check out my description of the project, and the full code, via the link below.

Past Projects

  Fun with Chess (code sample)

  A Better Python Lex-Yacc (code sample)

  CHS AP Computer Science